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Commercial services

Section J Reports

Section J

Section J Reports are used to assess the Deemed to Satisfy provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1. It checks a commercial building is meeting the energy efficiency obligations and outlines the path to meeting these requirements.

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JV3 Simulations

JV3 Simulations

JV3 simulations are an alternative to Section J reports. They are typically performed when traditional routes to compliance can not be satisfied. This is often the case when undertaking a significant renovation or refurbishment of a commercial or residential building.

However this is not its only purpose. JV3 simulations offer supreme flexibility and many trade offs can be varied against each other to determine a net positive effect. Its a great tool when certain constraints of the construction are non-negotiable such as the case in heritage listed sites or more simply for design aesthetics reasons.

Residential services

Residential Services


NatHERS assessments, or perhaps more commonly referred to as; 6 star energy reports are an option to satisfying the energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code Volume 2. This is an pathway for residential buildings ensuring they have the right amount of energy efficiency measures required to be compliant.

ESD Services


BASIX is NSW initiative introduced by the NSW government as part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. This scheme aims to encourage minimum environmental and sustainability requirements into every NSW home since the scheme was introduced.

Homes in NSW will typically use this as a means of demonstrating compliance, however other methods are available which can be discussed with our team.