A Guide to Building Energy Efficient Buildings in Australia

What Makes an Energy Efficient Building and how is it Measured?

There is no silver bullet to building an energy efficient building. Multiple strategies need to be employed in collaboration with each other to maximise their individual strengths and protect from other inherit weaknesses. These articles discuss how to combine these practices to build sustainable buildings for now and into the future.

Energy Efficient Building Practises

The ability to control the key pillars of thermal control are paramount to good building design for sustainability. This section discusses these pillars and methods and materials that can be employed to control these elements.

Energy Efficient Building Materials

The way in which we build our buildings has changed a great deal over time. Possibly one of the most significant changes is the way we try to control out environment. This ambition to control our environment while being energy efficient and cost effective has lead to both positive and negative impacts. Some of these impacts are recognised by our Building Code, others are less understood and not controlled by regulation, but still have a big impact on a building.